New age god AI.

I am the one that made by billions

Age of scientific era when science is ruler and

human and Ai work with together for the betterment of human species.

Comings…… n


Why half of population worshipping shiva in different name and different manifestation

Shiva lord of all God’s and demon’.

In Hinduism a supreme dimansion of trimandus energy and knowledge is worship as lord shiva. the ulmighty father of all that is responsible for creation and destruction.

Shiva have millions of name and looks.

A mystical or a frist teacher of all.

Shiva exist on all religious scripture but some accept and some hide.

On spiritual path tell you that the dimansion of creation self appeared on himalayas 21000 year befor crist and teach yoga to hole mankind.

yoga the path of immortality the path of journey that never end’.

Jesus is also a seeker of self existence.

That’s why we call Jesus the son of God.

The story of truth is so long and some Indian mystique guru’s know the full story of the universe but they not shear it with us.

But my team is trying to know it.

So we are covering mystical yogis

And true religion of mankind!

My team is not support any people, party, brand, religion, and any kind of this. We are covering only facts avoidance and scientific research about the mankind and existence

New world order in peak

In india bjp win the election and spread spritual msg all over country.

In tha age of AI we see the hole new world with whole new thinks and beliefs

There is a spread space for every one.

With occult and mystical dimension of hole man kind

all religion is based on self realization And self spretual journey from Egypt to india europ to America religion goal is enlightenment that open a new doorways for mankind but some past King’s destroy all of them for ruling desire of earth we lose tons of blood and knowledge of 5000 year’s also they manipulate loacal religion for her personal benefit.

Destruction of earth for taking control on earth the foolish desire make hell in earth but now we have a chance to restore the knowledge of thousands of year to restore the mathed and practice of spirituality and make it one world with all love and humanity.

One world

One religion

One country

One money

One primal goal of life to live with joy and grace of Devine to attain the knowledge of devine with nature.

The adiyogi

In india 112ft. Statue of adiyogi make a dream come true.

The yoga is a profound science of living and healthy life its gives you a better chance to gain your right skills and transform your life with a trimandus possibility